Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Captured at the Bonanza: Mom and Daughter Duo!

Katrina Barnett brought her of Barnett Designs jewelry to the Junk Bonanza for the first time during our Spring 2014 show!
She also brought her Number One assistant: daughter Catrielle!
Barnett began creating metal jewelry in 1996. Obviously, craftsmanship runs in the family!
In Kat's words:
"Catrielle made hair bows out of old barkcloth and scraps from my jewelry. She traded our goods for a purse from Leslie Mullin at Elegant Treasures/Pocket Books."
Here she is with her great new purse!
(Catrielle also has a section on her mom's website for selling her creations! You can check it out here!)
The Bonanza is thrilled that Barnett Designs will return as a vendor this fall. We hope we'll see Catrielle, too!
Meanwhile, have you made plans to attend the Fall 2014 Bonanza?! Time is ticking away! Order your Early Bird tickets now!
Get them here, while the cool canvas tote bag is still available! They go to the first 250 ticket purchases!


Monday, June 16, 2014

The Art of Junk Contest Returns!

The Art of Junk contest is coming back to the Junk Bonanza for Fall 2014!
We can't wait to see the fabulous entries created our participating vendors -- and students and artists from the Greater Twin Cities area, too!

We are currently accepting entries in the categories of Home Decor, Garden Decor and Furniture!
Are you interested in entering?
You can read all of the details and fill out an online application, here!
We're awarding cash prizes of $1,000, plus the top 10 finalists will be displayed in a gallery-like setting all three days of the Bonanza, Sept. 25-27!
Check it out! The deadline is Sept. 15!
We can't wait to see what you come up with!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lucky Friday Contributions Begin!

We love our generous Junk Bonanza vendors!
Not only are they hunters, gatherers and purveyors of fabulous stuff, they also love their customers!
That's you!
Their donations for Lucky Friday, the second day of the Bonanza (Sept. 26 !) are already rolling in!
Check out the list on the right-hand side of this blog, and you'll see the generous vendors who have already donated one or more coupons worth $25 each for drawings all day on Friday during the Bonanza!
They can be redeemed for merchandise at each donating vendor's booth!
Did we say generous? Vendor Devin Johnson of Makeshift Accessories wrote to Exhibitor Manager Jane Hall, "Put me down for Lucky Friday. And for that matter, you can go ahead and include me in every Lucky Friday from here on out! Not sure if you keep a list of vendors like that, but if not, start it with me."
Thanks Devin!
And a big thanks to Becky of 1st Pick Antiques and Vintage, or Pickers Playground!
PP is donating 10 -- yes, 10! -- coupons!
We know we'll have lots more donations rolling in, including those from supporting, non-vendor businesses. All the better to make the Fall edition of the Junk Bonanza the best yet!
Check out the website for updates and information, including the list of Fall vendors!
We can't wait to see you Sept. 25-27!


Monday, June 2, 2014

A Bonanza-Eye View at the Mill City Market!

Part of the Bonanza team was on the way to the University of Minnesota Reuse Center on Saturday for an enjoyable hour of foraging, but we arrived too early!
What to do?
Head to downtown Minneapolis to check out the Mill City Farmers Market instead, of course!
Along the riverfront, across from the Guthrie Theater and in view of the Stone Arch Bridge the market thrives!
It is housed on the plaza and in part of an old mill in the Mill Ruins area, all a reminder of the thriving business of a bygone era.
We ran into Amanda LaGrange, director of marketing for Tech Dump! That organization, which offers free electronics recycling, belongs to ReUSE MN, the Bonanza's nonprofit partner!
Irene and Amanda were happy to pose for a picture!
 Inside at the market, gorgeous rusty girders were everywhere!
 They looked beautiful against the produce!
We saw lots of galvanized and old metal, too!
The market had plenty of chow for rapacious appetites!
Our eyes were riveted by some egg sandwiches on the grill. They got us thinking about those amazing egg sandwiches at Canterbury Park. We can't wait to have one (or two) once we're back for the Junk Bonanza Sept. 25-27!
Have you made your travel plans yet?!
Early Bird tickets ARE available, and the first 250 sold come with a study canvas tote for stashing your finds!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey, Hey it's the Junk Monkeys!

Our recent Junk Bonanza Spring recap and planning meeting in Los Angeles helped broaden the JB team's musical horizons. Have you heard of the Junk Monkeys?
This vintage souvenir glass was Exhibitor Manager Jane Hall's hostess gift to Ki when we descended on her LA digs for five days.
(Jane found it while junking, of course!)
It's the perfect size for Ki's morning orange juice, which she has, without fail, each day before she starts mainlining coffee!
But who are the Junk Monkeys?! And what is the Five Star Fling?
 Our inquiring minds wanted to know!
A cursory search provided the answer: a band, and its 1991 album, produced by Metal Blade Records! ! We enjoyed these musical excerpt from "Everything Remains the Same" and "So American" from the band's Soul Cakes album.
(Thank you, Google. This is one scribe who can't remember how she survived pre-internet!)
Cool music for junkers! And everyone on the team is on the lookout for more of these glasses!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Memory Pot Arrives in LA!

Check out the gorgeous memory pot that arrived recently at Ki's digs in Los Angeles!
It was a gift from first-time Bonanza vendor Sue Bergener of Whirling Dervish Folk Art!
Memory jugs and pots have been a folk art staple through the years.
So amazing!

It arrived while the Bonanza team was in town for a recap and planning meeting.
The detail is stunning!
And there is so much of it, that it takes several camera angles in which to show its real beauty!
So look at it here...
and here...
and here...
and here!
Not done yet:
It's a wow-worthy amalgam of treasures!
Ki has ensconced it on her fireplace mantel, where she can gaze upon its beauty as she enters and exits her home, as well as when she's just sitting on the couch, admiring it!
Do you have photos of pieces such as this to share? We'd love to see!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Bonanza Vendors at the Chicago Flea!

Junk Bonanza team member Irene Standa visited the North Shore Flea vintage market in suburban Chicago on Saturday.
Look who she ran into!
Longtime Bonanza vendor Billy Faulkenberry of Faulkenberry's Antiques Lighting and Ceiling Tin!
He was wearing his Bonanza shirt, which he says is his uniform while he's on the road!
She also visited with Sumaya Seccurro of STC Finds! STC was a first-time vendor during the Spring 2014 Bonanza!
 Irene loved finding this (60s? 70s?) vintage Lady Sunbeam manicure set!
 We had one like it at home in the linen closet while I was a preteen growing up on the prairie...
...but I think it is much cooler in this up cycled form!
What cool vintage items have you seen repurposed into lamps, lately?!